Umbria "green heart of Italy", located right in the middle of the beautiful country between mountains and hills.

Discover Umbria, nature, good spirit and great cuisine!

Umbria is the “green heart” of Italy, rich in natural and cultural gems. It was on this territory that ancient settlements rose up, the remains of which can still be seen today in traditions and costumes, passed on through the generations. Umbria has the highest number of villages and medioeval towns in Italy amonst which the renowned Gubbio and Spoleto and the UNESCO heritage city of Assisi. The territory is of great natural beauty with sites such as the Marmore Waterfalls (the highest in Italy) and Lake Trasimeno. Various types of tours are available within Umbria ranging from itineraries by motorbike, nature tours to food and wine tours. You won’t miss out on trattorias and farm tourism stays to make the mos of the excellent cuisine found here. Choose one of the following tours and go!


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