Our tour guides will make yours a unique and unforgettable experience

They are experts of places and know every detail and every secret more hidden, so you can be sure to get the best from every single path

They are experts of places and know every detail and every secret more hidden

They’re experts in safe driving, road and off road. They’ve experience and technical and mechanical skills that they’re happy to make available to all their fellow travellers, to provide assistance in case of need or for a pleasant exchange of views.
They’re passionate about motorcycles and travels, like any of us. A passion that bring with them since childhood and that has accompanied them in hundreds of adventures, in Italy and in Europe. Passionate experts and cheerful people who love the company and who like to share memories, opinions and thoughts with their fellow adventurers.



”I’m a big fan of motorcycles, travel and sports in general! I’ve had the great luck to have many different experiences, among which, the most significant is definitely the one in Australia, which I seen (and lived) on a motorcycle. Two wheels are my greatest passion and my preferred means of travel, my favorite disciplines “Road and Off Road”.


“Hi everyone! Nice to meet you, I am William and I come from the Netherlands! My story with the two-wheels world: I achieved 15 years experience as a safety and traffic controller on the motorbike to guide Marathons, Truckruns, Bicycle races etc. For a few years, I also worked as a motard/safety coordinator for non-profit Bicycle races in de French Alps and the Dolomites a. Moreover, I did guidance services in Belgium and in Austria. Now I am a motorbike guide in Austria, Italy and Slovenia and I can speak Dutch, English and German. I like thinking that my role is not just as a guide but rather a fellow and a story-teller: I tell the bikers about the culture and history and I teach them to ride in the mountains. To me, for a trip on the road, safety is the most important thing.”


”I think I have the passion for motorcycles since I was born, but from the age of 6 years began the strong desire to get on the saddle of a mini moto. Thanks to my father, who took me in the various circuits of our area, I began to enjoy the meaning of driving from an early age. Around 19 years, the first jobs gave me the chance to fulfill the great dream of buying my first bike: Honda CR 125. Over time I managed to combine together the pleasure of riding with my two great passions: travel and photography! Hence the decision to switch to a maxi-enduro stradale (KTM 990 Adventure) which has opened up new horizons for me. The freedom to travel without limits is a feeling that only the motorbike is able to transmit and I love to share this feeling with those who, like me, know what a motorcycle travel means.”


“Hi everyone, I am a native German guide but I also speak Italian fluently. Always passionate about the world of cycling, I realized my dream of owning a Harley Davidson. I decided to become a motorcycle tour guide because I am an extrovert and I love sharing what I love. On the road, however, passion is not enough, I think safety is very important: therefore I attended several safety driving courses in order to ensure the ideal holiday for my traveling companions.”


“I had the pleasure of collaborating with Benelli Moto in the past, I’m a great fan of engines and an expert guide. I took part in safe driving courses and acquired a solid experience! I love tourism and I’m happy to work together to make it better and better. I love sharing my travel adventures and I love listening to the stories and adventures of every biker”.


“My first bike was a 50cc cross over 30 years ago. It was love at first sight and from that time I couldn’t get off. Traveling is my other passion, being able to do it on two wheels is the squaring the circle: having a natural attitude to confront situations, people and cultures different from mine and loving to share their experiences, I accepted with enthusiasm to be part of the guide group of Break in Moto. I speak fluently both English and Spanish”.


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