For us, motorbike is an expression
of freedom, exploration
and adventure!

Being bikers ourselves, we can assure that Break in moto can assure a wide series of unique services tailor made for the motorcyclist.

We don’t organize simple motorbike trips: we propose indelible experiences for hearts and minds of all those who have our same passion. All our guides, experienced pilots and travelers companions for excellence, will show you the roads and most breathtaking landscape which you can really enjoy only riding a motorbike. With us riding your bike with you, you will find yourself laughing and sharing slice of life and past adventure episodes, leaving you an indelible memory of your trip.


What we offer

Dinners and meeting with the Great Champions and Expert mechanics

Exclusive restaurants and caffes for motorcyclists

Specially selected
motorcyclist friendly accommodation


Customize you tour

We are at your complete disposal to create your own, personalised tour by motorcycle

We can customize the tours on the base of your needs and preferences:
  • Programs for expert riders who love long and challenging itineraries
  • Panoramic itineraries for those who love to enjoy the landscapes while driving on easier roads
We can offer a complete experience choosing:
  • Accommodation in: 3/4 stars hotel, country houses, relais… all motorbike friendly
  • Fast stop lunch or typical food experience
  • We can “drive” you at the discovery of unique private collections, historical museums
  • Special venus and locations for riders
For information or to book a tour you can write to us at:


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