Rossini Gourmet Experience

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Rossini Gourmet a multi sensorial experience in “Casa Rossini”

Rossini experience is a project of cultural and historical research disclosure that has the aim of putting a light on Rossini’s recipes, costumers will have the opportunity of living a multi sensorial experience through a theatrical taste that will involve all senses, flavour, smell, hearing, as it happened to the great Master while composing his music. Rossini has been not only a great Opera’s composer, but a passionate lover of the art of cooking, his biographers tell that in his childhood the Great Master has been an altar boy just to have the chance to drink the holy wine and while he was a boy he was used to spend most of his money in restaurants or good wines. Rossini’s favourite recipe is “maccheroni” that he loved to cook for his friends using exceptional products coming from all over Italy. During his stay in Paris he had the opportunity of meeting the most famous chef of his time Antonin Carême that become Rossini’s great friend.

200 gr of Maccheroni
100 gr of butter
100 gr of parmesan cheese
50 gr of grated cheese
1 litre and a half of broth
10 gr of dry mushrooms
2 truffles
100 gr of chopped ham
some spices, flavours
1 tomato
2 dl of fresh cream
2 glass of champagne
some bitter orange
grated bread

Make the sauce with 50 gr of butter, 50 gr of parmesan cheese, ¼ of stock, 10 gr of dry mushrooms, 2 chopped truffles, a spoon of spices, flavours, tomato, 220 gr of fresh cream, 2 glass of champagne, let all ingredients cook slowly for about an hour. Boil Maccheroni in the broth adding a spoon of fresh cream and dry orange. When ready put maccheroni in a ceramic pot with butter, put a layer of sauce than some maccheroni and grated parmesan cheese and proceed this way making layers of past and sauce. At the end of the process put the pot inside the oven and let it cook for a while to make gratin maccheroni.

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