Le Marche, food and cultural traditions

1st day: Arrival in Pesaro, lunch in a traditional restaurant of the city center and visit of the most beautiful places of Gioachino Rossini home town. Take part to Rossini’s gourmet experience, a theatrical multi-sensorial tasting to discover flavors and traditions, accompanied by the voice and the notes of the great Master.

2nd day: Urbino ideal city of the Renaissance and Unesco heritage, Palazzo Ducale and the masterpieces of the National Gallery of the Marche. Learn the art of a traditional ancient dish: I Passatelli. Fano, the ancient Roman ruins and the tasty traditional flavors of the fishermen’s drink “Moretta“!

3rd day: The castle of Montefabbri, an ancient fortified hamlet that preserves a suggestive bell tower, a small village among the most beautiful of Italy. The Rocotta cheese production, live the experience to become a shepherd for a day, learn how sheeps are grown, the secrets of milking and  delicious ricotta cheese making!

Tour for groups of minimum 15 participants

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