“Infinito Leopardi”

“Infinito Leopardi” is a project promoted to celebrate the bicentennial of Giacomo Leopardi’s poem ” l’Infinito”, organized by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage in cooperation with Regione Marche, Municipality of Recanati, the National Center for Leopardi Studies, Casa Leopardi and University of Macerata.
The program aims is to enhance the local cultural heritage and identifies the 2019 as the year of Giacomo Leopardi.  A year-long event that includes exhibitions, shows, conferences and publications, to enhance the masterpiece of the great poet .
Until the 19 May 2019 there will be the chance to admire Leopardi’s manuscripts owned by the Municipality of Visso, exhibited at Villa Colloredo Mels together with the autograph of L’Infinito, the symbolic heart of the project.

For more information: www.infinitorecanati.it