For us, motorbike is an expression of freedom, exploration and adventure.

We don’t organize simple motorbike trips: we propose indelible experiences for hearts and minds of all those who have our same passion. All our guides, experienced pilots and travelers companions for excellence, will show you the roads and most breathtaking landscape which you can really enjoy only riding a motorbike. With us riding your bike with you, you will find yourself laughing and sharing slice of life and past adventure episodes, leaving you an indelible memory of your trip.

All our guides have 3 common ground:

  1. They are experts of places and know every detail and every secret more hidden, so you can be sure to get the best from every single path and from every landscape, in any climatic condition.
  2. They’re experts in safe driving, road and off road.
    They’ve experience and technical and mechanical skills that they’re happy to make available to all their fellow travellers, to provide assistance in case of need or for a pleasant exchange of views
  3. They’re passionate about motorcycles and travels, like any of us.
    A passion that bring with them since childhood and that has accompanied them in hundreds of adventures, in Italy and in Europe.
    Passionate experts and cheerful people who love the company and who like to share memories, opinions and thoughts with their fellow adventurers.


  • LUCIO: “I had the pleasure of collaborating with Benelli Moto in the past, I’m a great fan of engines and an expert guide.
    I took part in safe driving courses and acquired a solid experience!
    I love tourism and I’m happy to work together to make it better and better.
    I love sharing my travel adventures and I love listening to the stories and adventures of every biker”.
  • RAFFAELLA:”My passion for motorbikes drive with me for 30 years and this, with my love for traveling, has led me to discover the most beautiful roads in all of Europe.
    I’d like to share my experience and technical expertise, to develop this beautiful way of live a journey: freedom and adventure on two wheels ”
  • ALESSANDRO:”I think I have the passion for motorcycles since I was born, but from the age of 6 years began the strong desire to get on the saddle of a mini moto.
    Thanks to my father, who took me in the various circuits of our area, I began to enjoy the meaning of driving from an early age.
    Around 19 years, the first jobs gave me the chance to fulfill the great dream of buying my first bike: Honda CR 125.
    Over time I managed to combine together the pleasure of riding with my two great passions: travel and photography!
    Hence the decision to switch to a maxi-enduro stradale (KTM 990 Adventure) which has opened up new horizons for me. The freedom to travel without limits is a feeling that only the motorbike is able to transmit and I love to share this feeling with those who, like me, know what a motorcycle travel means.”
  • MATTEO:”I’m a big fan of motorcycles, travel and sports in general!
    I’ve had the great luck to have many different experiences, among which, the most significant is definitely the one in Australia, which I seen (and lived) on a motorcycle.
    Two wheels are my greatest passion and my preferred means of travel, my favorite disciplines “Road and Off Road”.

That’s not all! In fact, first of all, we’re motorcyclists, and that’s why Break In Moto guarantees a wide range of unique services for motorcycle riders!

  • Structures selected and dedicated to the bike: Break In Moto chooses only and exclusively good Biker Friendly hotels with basic equipment for small interventions and ad hoc spaces to store our motorbikes!
  • Exclusive locations for motorcyclists: for years the passion for two wheels has given impetus to the creation of thematic and characteristic rooms, furnished with historical relics and mechanical components.
    Here you’ll find friends and, perhaps, as we have seen happen a few times, you’ll have the pleasure of meeting some past travel mates, but certainly we’ll meet other bikers and travel lovers, ready to join us, eat and drink together, remember adventures and confront us on engines, tires, brakes, routes, ideas and lifestyles.
  • Dinners and meetings with the Greatest Champions and Mechanical Experts: meet the greatest champions who have made the motorcycle history and masters and experts of mechanics that contributed to their successes, listen their anecdotes and stories of great races and historical antagonisms
  • Motorbike rental: and last but not least, for those who don’t have a motorbike available or for those who simply want to try another one, Break In Moto offers BMW, Harley Davidson, Moto Guzzi, Ducati, and a wide choice according to your preferences.
    Break In Moto also allows you to rent helmets, protections, GPS navigators and much more, all the best brands and all top-shelf, so you get the most out of your adventure.

What to say, if you love motorcycles and travels, if you love adventure and freedom, if you want to live an experience that will remain enshrined forever in your biker soul and meet fellow travellers who will always be with you, Break In Moto is all this and much more!

Would you like to discover the most amazing roads and motorcycling itineraries in the heart of Italy ? Are you 4 or more people ? 
We are at your disposal to create a personalized moto tour.

We can customize the tours on the base of your needs and preferences:
– programs for expert riders who love long and challenging itineraries
– panoramic itineraries for those who love to enjoy the landscapes while driving on easier roads.

We can offer a complete experience choosing:
– accommodation in: 3/4 stars hotel, country houses, relais…all motorbike
– friendly fast stop lunch or typical food experience.
-we can “drive” you at the discovery of unique private collections, historical museums,
– special venus and locations for riders